Monday, October 6, 2008

when dreams get shattered !!!

She was happy because it was the most memorable day of her life. She was getting married and was very much eager to meet her significant other…. The happiness was observable all over on her face and her smile was the witness of her inner contentment.

Her eyes were constructing colorful pictures of her dream boy with whom she will be spending her entire life. A little thought of meeting her love, was bringing a smile on her face which was making her lips to move. Her smile after each pleasant thought of her sweetheart was producing sensation and was feeling her with plenty of exhilaration and excitement. With the every second passing off, her eagerness to meet her buddy was increasing greatly at much quicker pace. Everyone else in the house was busy in their preparations of welcoming the baraat. She was asked to sit in a corner. Dressed in red clothes with red sticks on her forehead, matching with the color of her red bangles, which were glittering and making a wonderful combination with her golden color bangles…she was looking like a fairy…she busied herself in the dreams of her loved one..........all of a sudden
She was awakened by her friends that her darling had come to take her along with him……hers lips started tilting, her eyes got filled with bounty of glee, her chicks were revealing the story of her joy to meet him . With a contented smile on her face, she got up to see him.........

And what she saw was …..a man with almost thrice of her age was standing with a garland in his hands…….her rosy cheeks got roofed by the lines of displeasure and extensive disappointment .Accepting it as her destiny she bended her neck in front of him, everyone expressed their joy by throwing flowers on them……..what people missed were her tears which were rolling down on her cheeks and then dripping the earth…were apparently dictating that a woman born in a poor family losses all her rights at the time of her birth!!