Saturday, February 16, 2008

14 th fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th fab, this day is known as a day of expressing our feeling to our beloved one’s. Off course we need not to have a special day to express our feelings, one may argue but in a fast moving world when no one has got time for anything, just enjoying on this day or celebrating this day doesn’t bring any harm to anyone. Still some people carry out protest, terrorize and humiliate people and asking them not to celebrate just because it did not originated in India, hence it is alien to us…so we should shun it. Is this the reason that they try to give us than tell us? out of so many days that we celebrate, how many of them have originated in India? May not be a single or may be one or two, whatever it be but still I find some political parties like bajrang dal, shivsena and some Islamic organization terrorizing people, stoning buses , burnings cards ,posters ,shops and vendors or anyone who has something to do with this day. what is that? I don’t understand.. why do they do this i never hear about bajrang dal for the whole year except valentines day, which reveals a fact that even they wait for whole year for just valentines day when they can prove that their party still exist in India and they are not out work, because they prepare whole year for this day as how will they carry out their protest…great work!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As if they are the only one’s who are left to care about us…why don’t they understand that India is a democratic country and everyone has their own right to live their life ..why do they interfere in people’s affair…well I have a suggestion for these kind of parties, when they wait and plan for one year to celebrate only this day. I think they should include this day in their party manifesto as the only working day.( because whole year you don’t listen about them, as they invest their time in planning for this single day.)
And if they talk about moral values than why don’t they really concentrate on moral vales….India is country where a women is given place equal to god, but still thousands of women are raped and murdered …do these parties do something? Daily Millions of children are exploited and assaulted physically and verbally. Do they carry out any protest? Daily we hear of people dying due to hunger and poverty. Do they raise their voices? No infect I never hear any of the political party doing anything when it’s come to morality. Then who have given them the right to spread violence on this day, and to interfere in totally people’s affair.
If they really want to do something about morality than please do concentrate on morale values only .they should understand that this is a healthy way to express one’s feelings, you may not be a couple to celebrate it, you can be a single. I am a single and still celebrate this day just to convey my god whishes, to express my warmth for my friends and beloved one’s, just to make their day truly special by gifting them something that they love. Something which brings a smile on their face…so this day is just for bringing happiness in our loved one’s lives.
song: love is life........
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My dream SB management school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date:9th may 2007
It was around 10 o clock in morning when I got up and I saw that everyone in my home is engaged in some or the other activity. I was shocked because everyone in my home is so lazy that anyone hardly gets up before 10 o clock in morning. So I asked my grandmother what is going to happen today. And she said “delhi se koi ladke vale aa rahe hai”.ME”what? kiske liye ma?...she said “tumahre liye” shocked )what? Ab ye kesi musibat aayi hai muje bina bataye….dadi ma atleast mujhe inform to kar dete..
Grandma .”your dadaji fixed it on phone. Last night I don’t know anything…….. he told to us last night about it that they are coming today…and you were sleeping at that time, So we did not inform you…".

Me: per abhi to papa nahi hai…na……papa ke bina hi………. well while I was talking to her I heard the horn of car, so I went to open the door….and I saw 5 people coming out of it…among them one was a middle aged lady, three man were of around 50, and one was of 24-25(but I did not get the chance to see him. I just had a glance when he was sitting in his car….)…..i was asked to get inside and get ready but as I wasn’t happy with my dadaji decision so I refused to do so. …but my mom told me --nothing will happen if you will create a scene here….ultimately it will be your decision so don’t worry, now dadaji has fixed it and you should respect his decision as we can’t send them back now…..

Well I was forcefully asked to wear a sari though I was not comfortable in it…moreover I was so nervous that I was just trembling….after some time I was called to give my aptitude test for SB( sasural buisness management school). Where my paper was designed by Chairman (father- in- law) and the Vice-Chairman (mother -in -law) of the SB school, it was pretty easy for me. I sailed through and scored whooping 99.99% percentile.

Which gave me the confidence to perform well in gd.

GD: this round was conducted by other two uncles who were the staff representatives of SB management school, and the GD was beyond my imagination… was pretty easy for me to clear this round. Which again gave me some confidence to face personal interview……….

PI (personal interview) was this round for which I was nervous, and trembling as I never had any experience of this kind of interview…..i was not willing to go through this round but then (Principal …mere..Hone…aap samaj hi gaye hoge… ) want to conduct this round as it will decide my willingness to get into this B SCHOOL…so I had to give this …but as I was so nervous, I was almost sweating and worrying as what is going to happen? What kind of question is he going to ask me? What and how should I be answering?...well my aunt wished me good luck and gave some tips(tips to behave well with the principal of the b school) I just entered ….well after entering into the room I forgot all those tips……my heart beat was around 500 pulse per minute…my mind was filled with lot of thoughts that I dint realize if the Principal had come in…

Me( gaping at the floor )

He: hmm hmmmmm…..hello
Me: (slurring due to nervousness)…he….l………..l….o….o
He: how are you?
Me: f..i..n…e…………….h.o……w……r………u..
He: absolutely fine………….

Me:…(still looking at the floor………………….maintaining the silence….

He:…hmmmmm…if you don’t mind I am seeing that
you are constantly looking at floor…….well may I know…..what is that…

Me:…..(…..nothing. I was simply looking at it …..(I raised my head and looked at him…
He: now that’s fine……so preeti, u must have got some idea that why I called you to meet me personally …. Before our parents decide something let me know something about you….
So tell me something about yourself…….

Me: hmmmm……..about my self……hmmm……myself……hmmm my self…..self…..selfffff……well I am preetisoni, I did my most of schooling from kendryia vidalya, I did my graduation in microbiology from kgc secbad, I have been living there from last 6 years…….my short term goal is to my mba and my long term goal is to …

He: (interupting me and controlling his laughter)great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i wish I would have been recruiting you to work for my company….........……..(he was a HR manager professionally)

me: (still did not get his meaning so I was feeling happy with my answer…)..Smiling……
He: smiling at me…..preeti I want to know about your hobbies, interest, what do you like…what not. …I already know about your educational, background through your parents……….
Me..hmmmmhmmmmm..hmmmmmm…… hobbies are……………..actually acche se ak bhi nahi karti………kabhi tv dekht hu…to painting…kabhi padti….hu to kbahi dance…..bus………….
He.hmmmmmm good…….good

He: well do you know cooking…………

Me:….( got confused as what to tell so I decidec to tell truth.agar kahi recipie poch lega to……fas jauogii)yes I know 4 things to cook…roti, dal, rice, and aloo ki sabji……………..
He: hmmmmmmmm wow……...
Me:hmm itni se baat se khus ho rah a hai , thoda jhut add karti to kitna khus ho jata)smiling

He: so as you said your future plan is to do mba, when are going to do it. After marriage or before

Me: before…….only…………….

He: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and if you are asked to get married than….
Me: i will think……..

He:y a of course think think!!!!!! Jaldi bhi kya hai… have time to answer this question……
Don’t you want to know about me?

Me: yeah……..(yeah, so tell me…

He: well I am quite cool minded guy with…blah ……..blah……………..

Me: hmm so nice of u

He:(smiling)…well from my side its yes…what do you have to say?
Me:(man to hai yar!!!! Tuji se shadi karne ka……per mba bhi karna hai…..wait kar lega…..kya teen saal……this was the question……I was about to ask……………but did not have the courage to ask…..)…….lost in thinking

He: hmm..u still need to answer my question
Me: hmmmmm…jese mummy papa bolege vese hi …
He: hmm that means..u have no probes with me
Me: u can take it in that way…….

He:..hmmm appko hum pasand to hai na?kese lage aapko

Me:(jaberdast ho yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bhagwan bus papa bhi man jaye….)…aap acche hai.

He: hmmmm I am glad to talk to you……..

Me:same here

He: apke dad nahi hai, kya lagta hai aapko…

Me: dad ka kya karna jab miya bibi raji to kya karege pitaji)..well ha vo to hai
He: well ab chalte hai final decision aapke papa ko lena hai

Me: ha.(.i came happily as my pi went well and I was sure that I will get admission into this SCHOOL.)

But at the end papa said that I am too young to get into this b school, and told me that there are many such branches of this B SCHOOL…I can get into anyone of them…once i get some work experience it will be easy for me to understand the basic nuances of SB management.

song: ye tera mera milna........

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Friday, February 8, 2008

mummy papa

(the names are changed in this story....unbelieble but true...)
In my neighborhood, a Sharma family resided while Mr. Sharma was a employee in a private firm with little income, Mrs. Sharma was a simple home maker but still they were quite contented with their lives. They lived a quite comfortable life until Mrs. Shrama got paralysis. It was a big shock for Mr Shrama and his family as all the responsibilities were on him. They had only one son whose name was arvind. Mr Sharma main aim was to provide his son world best education so that he could become a good doctor in future. And Mr Sharma did everything for his son. After completing his 12th arvind wrote some medical entrances but could not sail through, he again wrote some entrance examsbut still he did not get anywhere. So Mr Sharma decided to send him Russia to peruse his dream. He spent all his life savings on his studies and still was very happy with his life. after completing his graduation his son enrolled himself for the PG program without having any prior consent with his dad whether he had the money or not, and told about his decision to his parents. Mr Sharma didn’t want to abort his son’s plan so he asked for a bank loan. But the EMI was so high that Mr Sharma turned down the offer and borrowed from his relatives. After completing his PG, arvind returned back to India, and fortunately got a very good job in one of the very good hospital. Mr Sharma was the happiest and proudest man in this universe as his son fulfilled his dream. Soon arvind started getting many good marriage proposals and finally got engaged with a girl kavita who was also a doctor and very soon they were married. After his marriage his relatives started pressurizing Mr Sharma. The debt was mounting on him and he was feeling very upset about it so one day he told his son about this.
mr sharma: you know arvi our relatives are asking for the money ? and you must be aware of my condition that whatever I had, I had already spent on you and right now I am running out of money as whatever I am earning I am spending on your mom’s treatment…so beta please one by one repay our relatives money so that they wont disconnect themselves from us and the contacts can be maintained for forever. I expect that you and kavitha will seriously consider it and will repay them.
son: yeah dad but I guess you must be aware of my condition too . I have just now settled in life and don’t have any bank balance. Whatever me and kavitha are earning we are saving so that we can establish a clinic of our own as it was your dream too.

Mr Sharma: but arvi, clinic can be opened after sometime too, first you must get clear of all debts so that you will not live under any pressure….and once your debts are cleared we don’t have anything too do…..and you can do whatever you like….

Son: (what my debts!!!!!!!! Dad, don’t forget its you who borrowed this money , and now because of you we are facing this problem of insolvency, You are the only one because of whom I am living under this surmounting debt…i never borrowed anything from anyone………you incurred it on your own. I am asking what was the need for you to borrow so much of money??……

Mr Sharma: beta…(.stunned)…tears are rolling down on his cheeks…speaking in a manner as if his throat is choked….beta…do you think I did it for my own pleasures….

Kavita (meddling into the conversation): I guess arvi is right…we both have to make our careers and we have just now started working and we cant repay so much….sorry to say dad…but Me and arvind have got a job in Delhi and next month we will be shifting there so plz u handle it your own……..

After this they left their parents and went to Delhi, soon mr Sharma sold his house and repaid all his debts, and with the help from some NGO he is now in a old age home in jaipur…but what is that keeps on troubling me ? how can a man leave his own mother and father like this ? who did so much for him, who cared for him all through their lives, who provided him everything that he asked for? Who always supported him in all his decisions? and at the end what they got from all their sacrifices that they made for him? If arvi was doing something wrong with his parents kavitha must have guided him , she must have understood the fact that if a man can not be of his own mother can never be of any other women in this world. So taking arvi granted could be a mistake of her and she must understand that she too has parents if someone do the same with her parents how would she feel. Anyways whatever was the problem, at least they must have not sent their parents to an old age home because they too have emotions and feelings, which they want to share with their children for whom they suffered all through their life. i am sure there they wont be able to live happily because they will be in contact with similar kind of people who have been bereft by their own son and daughters and listening to them would make them feel more worse about it.if our mom and dad are doing so much for us can’t we just provide them a space of one room and food for two times, when they were young they never asked us but now when their body has emaciated we have also left them?.....if not for anything at least , as a human being he must have not left them like this alone in a time when they need him most? is this called humanity? Remember we will also have a family and if our son and daughter for whom we will take so much of pain, if they will also the same as we are doing how would we feel. we may not understand it now but we will definitely understand it in future. I know that rising sun is always appreciated but it is the sunset which makes us feel that life is going comfortably and we will definitely see a sunrise next day.I don’t know what was wrong with their family but I find arvi guilty of everything that his parents are facing today…….

song: her baat ko tum bhulo bhale ma baap ko mat bhoolna..................

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

her wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My best friend Priynka ….she met a guy in the very first year of college and fell in love with him. He was very tall, handsome, dashing and a bit of yes-boss type of guy, my friend wanted this type of man only so she committed herself. Even I liked him as my future zizaji. Everything just went well for us and we three were very happy (three because me, priyanka and her boyfriend(neeraj) we three were good friends. And wherever we go we used to go together)but this honeymoon period did not last long and soon after 6-7 month , neeraj started showing his true colors…not giving time to priynka, busy with other girls on phone….all these things disturbed her a lot and very soon she come to know that he had some other relations too. she felt as if she was cheated, but she was so deeply in love with him that she did not want to ditch him. so she decided that she will try and do anything to make him fall again for her in such a manner that he never goes awry. so I asked her how is she going to do that,so that I can also learn some (boyfriend management…which might help me in future).
Priyanka: I have decided, I will not allow neeraj to just play with my emotions….i will do sth
Me:..yeah…right but what will u do??

Priynka:..changing topic..chal na mandir chale

Me:(shocked because she doesn’t believe in god)..what….temple..are you…joking?.

Priynaka: seriously…lets go..i went along with her…..(after going there she told me that she is going to keep fast for neeraj and she expected god to help sounded a bit crazy to me.).

Me: wat..r u crack? Yar ….do you think that god will come and tell neeraj that you love him so much?
Priynka: I never believed in god but let me try to believe... I want to experiment …
Me: hmm (laughing…)as you wish…..

This girl changed herself from an atheist to a strong believer in god, infact she turned out to be so religious that apart from keeping fast on every day, she regularly used to visit temples, churches and she even kept karva chuath vart which south Indians generally don’t keep. So one day she called me.
priynka: hello priti…free hai aaj?

Me: yeah….anytime for you bol..kya baat hai…..

Priynka: mandir jane ka soch rahi hu…it seems koi bahut sarree saints and bahut bada program hone vala hai..

Me: (was not very happy with it )yar vaha to bade log jayte hai hum kya karege….abhi hamari umr nahi aayi..bad me chelege jab hamari umr aayegi..he he

Priynka: plzzz yar….chalte hai na.plzzzzz plzzzz plzz no one listens to me neither neeraj nor you…(getting bit emotional)

Me:..okkkkk chalugi milte hai( we both reached there. believe me it was such a boring program that i was almost yawning.. but she was so deeply involved in it that I started dreaming in my own world….suddenly she shook me up and asked…)

Priynka: I am going to meet that lady saint and going to ask her about my problem.

Me: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha r u mad… have really gone crack…understand man…you are not in such a great problem that you should be meeting her, plzz yar!!! regain your conciousness.... be in this world …you are sounding to me like a 19 th century woman..we are in the 21st century…plzz remain in this world and one thing …I sugeest u to leave him….why are you doing so many things for a person who doesn’t value your feelings. I think you are wasting your precious time for him…plzzz yar….i m damn bored of it…. I want to go home..

Priynka: I did not expect this from you …(emotionally)don’t sounds so harsh !!!!! it hurts me when someone say something bad about him..….at least you .even you don’t understand……me?
Me:what..understand!!!!!!! yar ….i heard that love is blind and people go mad in love but i don’t think if there is someone like you….there should be some extent to which one should go…mad but not more than..that….………..understand!!!!!!!!!!!

Priynka:(angirly)I m going to meet her…and plz lecturer mat de jaha dekho suru ho jati hai..even I am bored of your lectures….

Me;(laughing) priynka..ruko…..bewkufi mat karo…… you think she has a solution for your problem? did you ever think that if they had got the solution of every problem then there would not have been any problems in this world. we have to search a solution on our own........i believe that even she might be having some reason for being here...

Priynka: no…I don’t want to listen to your speech any more.

Me:(emotionally) plzzz plzz.. I am sorry for everything, but dear listen and think--we had a chat for 5 minutes-- and I persuaded her not to go to meet that lady saint.and we returned home..but then I seriously thought, what if priynka had really gone to that lady. what would have happened? I thought why people preach ? are they really messengers of god..or they just do because they don’t have anything to do so…and I imagined priynka and that lady in a very funny situation..
Ladki gayi sadhvi ma ke pass
Pochne apne BF ka hal
Ladka hai vo seedha sadha
Per bana hai vo mere sukh me badha

Ma, vash me mere vo kabhi nahi rahta
Chanchal jherne jesa vo bahta
Kabhi pinki kabhi maya
Nasha hai bus uspe inka chaya

Ma, muj per karpa kijiaye
Vash me karne ka mantra digiye
Ma, boli beti tu gyaan me kacchi
Boy frind vas ka mantra jo aata
to tu mujhe yaha na pati
na hi ashram ka me ye kast sahti

sukh se apne gher me rahti
kyo jagah jagah pervachan karti
gher me ILU ILU gati
per ha agar tujhe kuch asa mantr mil ajye
tera suna man khil jye
too plz to mujhe bhi batana

chod sadhvi ka ye bana
chod ashram ka ye janjhat
me bhi tere sath chalugi
sapne sajjan ke sang bunugi

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sweet memories

Time waits for no one , a very famous cliché and yes very true in nature too . so why does time move so fast, why do years roll on with speed, why do we all worry about passing of time, why does time want us to run after it. Well when all these kind of thoughts are striking my mind today, I am feeling a bit nostalgic about my past especially my days at school and college which still fills me with joy and further adds to my inner happiness . And I m sure all of us here must be missing out our those wonderful friends in our wonderful days of school and college. Where we all enjoyed together. So today I don’t know why am I recalling those days back and feeling very happy because those were the days which I miss a lot, those were the days when I bunked classes for movies, jumped the walls of college and then got caught by principle too (many times…was known as a experienced and skillful wall jumper in my college as I know many ways of jumping walls), never attended any classes and if by mistake attended than either sleeping or gossiping were the two things that I use to do during my classes , canteen and chatting with online frnds were the activities that i did during lab hours , and taking interest in friend’s love stories and kebab me hadi banana was the most favorite pass time for me …but now everything has ended and I am alone ,I don’t have anyone to share my feelings, I don’t have anyone with whom I can go to nearest chat shop and eat pani puri, I don’t have anyone with whom I can plan for a outing , and no one is there who can suggest me thousands of ways to lie to mom & dad about picnic, now time has changed and everyone has changed & got engaged with their personal lives , now I don’t say that they shouldn’t change because I know that change is a natural process that happens with everyone of us , and I know that they have not changed themselves only situations have changed and they did no wrong in adapting themselves with time and situations and that is a good thing to do, because after all leaving the bygones behind and moving forward is the name of life. That’s why I have also decided that there could be many ways to regain the happiness of those days and the only way is living in the paradise of our sweet memories and sweet dreams which reminds us of our all happy days and I know that inside each one of us , sweet memories exist as if they are the heaven of our mind where we live in peace and comfort , enjoying all worldly pleasure and witnessing the happiest moment of our lives. These are the memories which make our lives meaningful and remind us of our good times in our most troubling days. Our memories teach us what we are and what we want to be? we all are associated with some or other memories which give us the hope for a new beginning ,a hope to dream something big and a hope to achieve something great . Sweet memories makes us to realize that we are worthy to be born as a human being and a sweet memory can be associated with any thing in our life … our parents , our frnds , partner , kids and sometimes with a stranger too who has been able to bring some smile on our face…….so my motto is to be sweet with everyone as much as possible and fill sweetness in everyone’s life with my sweet attitude and sweet talks …so people can have sweet memories of me in their heart…..but it is the time only that will test me that how longer I will remain sweet? But one thing is true that a sweet memory is the only thing in this world that lives forever in our heart and mind….rest other things just gets faded away with time and situation. here is a poem about sweet memories by a very famous poet.

In quiet times I often sit
And find my mind adrift
To another place, another time
And oh! My spirits lift!

i see your happy, smiling face,
and that twinkle in your eye.
I hear you sing your favorite song
And I laugh...and then I cry.

Inside my heart Sweet Memories
Stay with me each day
I cherish, and I cling to them
For I miss you in every way.

Each thing I see...
Each thing I do, brings you close to me
For everything upon this earth
Brings Sweet Memories of you.

I imagine our reunion
Some day at heaven's gate
It fills my heart with happiness...
But for now, I'll have to wait.

Until my life upon this earth
And my work here is complete
And sweet memories keep me
Until at last again we meet.

Vo lamhe_Pak mix.m...

me jahaa rahu
me jahaa rahu.rm
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