Sunday, July 12, 2009

why people change?

Why people change? I have been thinking over it from last few days since I have observed some change in the behavior of one of my near one. Is it just natural for a person to change without any reason or is something going inside his/her mind? We always think that we know much about people whom we are close to? But the question has started distressing me …do I really know? If that would have been true I would have never felt this change? Which is upsetting me daily with thousands of depressing things peeping into my head…? So what should I do now?
Shall I speak up about this change to him/her or should I remain quiet and observe his/her behavior for some more time….can anyone predict human nature? I don’t know whether people change at all. But I know the way a person behaves is sometimes so unexpected that we feel that they have changed….and same is the case with me.
Last few days and nights I have been thinking over this change?
Why has this change occurred?
When I don’t see any reason to change at all…
Am I so cold-blooded, insensitive and heartless that I couldn’t understand his/her feelings…or is the other one who has stopped thinking about me…?
How should I deal with this change which is making me to sob day and nights…?
Since the day I have felt this change I am not happy. I always try to cheer up myself that if something is mine, that will always be mine…and if not…then think that it was never mine…
But my heart is such that it doesn’t get soothed by these things. It always prompt me to find out the cause…which again questions me back…if my love for him/her did not change, how could he/she do so?
If my feelings are same as they were years ago……how he/she is not able to feel them now…
Why I feel saddened with every answer that I hear from him/her for my questions....
Have they really changed themselves or is it me who has increased her expectations from him/her….
Which one is true…I don’t know…
I know that I need him/her very much in my life to love, care, support and walk the every step of life with me…But I am confused as how should I speak this to him/her. I fear what if I get disappointing answer…I fear the breaking of my heart….But then again same thought occurs to my mind. If he/she wants to break my heart…He/she will definitely do that one day…so I should go and speak to him/her about this change…But I fear to face rejection. I know I can’t cope with the disappointing answer……I have almost zero ego strength. Hence I have decided to let happen things as they are
Happening with the same thought in mind …
If something’s yours and you let it go,
if it comes back to you, then it was yours all along.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have seen life crying.......

I have seen life weeping…..
Some inherit two times meals from their descendants,
Some shed tears for a bite
Even if they get it, they panic for tomorrow
They are scared to think…
I have seen life dying because of hunger!

Over a small quarrel, vow not to speak for generations
What is the secret in this?
To live life without our near ones,
Which secret of life is this?
I have seen life fighting with the relationships….

Every time I see any waifs and strays,
My heart asks me sympathetically,
Who said that other’s life is not filled with the storms of grief?
I have seen stories walking on the roads and streets…….